Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Patio

So you might think we are crazy when I show you what we are doing to our backyard. But trust me, it works for us. This is our patio last summer.

It is a garden pond, and let me tell you they may look pretty, sound great, and be a lot of fun to look at, but other then that they are a pain.
I have always loved our pond, it was a major selling point when we bought our house almost 5 years ago. But in the last 5 years we have gone through 3 pumps, 1 liner, a lot of water treatments, water plants, fish, and I am sure  more. That adds up, and now we have a toddler who loves to play outside.
So we decided to extend our patio and fill in the pond, it is  bitter sweet, but I am excited for the outcome, Hallee will have more room to play and ride her car, swim in her pool , etc.
But in the mean time our patio looks like this.

AHHH a mess. We are waiting on the concrete company to schedule a date for us. I hate waiting. So really this post is
 to be continued............


  1. Blog hopping around today and found your blog, so stopping by to say hello. I'm now following along:) Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished.

  2. I'm following you back from fun follow friday. Thanks for stopping by:
    I love your daughters name. How unique. I have a niece named Nevaeh (heaven spelled backward). I love unique names