Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Greenzys- Review

A while back I won a twitter contest hosted by Greenzeys. I was super excited when I heard I won. I just knew Halleelujah would love this book. Well, I can honestly tell you that I was right, she loves it. It is always her book of choice before nap time and bed time. She calls it WOW book. She calls elephants WOW and her favorite character in this book is Willow, the elephant.
"GREENZYS is an eco-friendly children’s brand, embracing green living through products that are environmentally safe, fun and educational -- with a heartwarming story that both children and parents will love!"

The book even came signed by Lisa Keyser the Creator of Greenzeys. Such a special treat!

I also really like this book, it has a great story line and it helps to teach kids about protecting our environment in a fun way.
They also make plush toys of the Greenzys characters that are really cute. They are "made from Soy fibers and non-toxic dyes and are packaged with recycled paperboard."
Aren't they so cute. You can purchase them at FAO Schwartz for 29.99. I think I am going to add Willow to Halleelujah's birthday wishlist.

This is such a great company with a lot of great things going for them. I am hoping they will have another book coming out soon. Teaching Halleelujah how to love and protect our earth is something I want her to love and respect and there is no better way to teach her then through books.

Thank you Greenzys for sending us this great book!

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Go Green Go Greenzys!

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  1. So Glad Halleelujah like The Greenzys book! May we make her The Fan of the Week on The Greenzys Facebook fan page, next week?
    :) Lisa Keyser